Saturday, September 27, 2014

A little ditty

Proud to have been part of the Small Guitar In Motion Project (, a rather odd collection of videos by some folks who are passing this little (nearly unplayable) guitar from one to another. Here's my contribution, written and recorded this past Wednesday:

End of Summer and into the Fall, then a break

First, a couple of small Bob Dylan items:
1- Have you heard his new rendition of the Frank Sinatra classic "Full Moon And Empty Arms"? It's worth a listen.
2- He's also going to be releasing a Beatles cover tune soon. Yup. He's slated to be singing "Things We Said Today" on an upcoming 
Paul McCartney tribute album. I'm trying to imagine it. Pretty interesting list of other artists who are going to be on this thing, too.

On to promotion-land...
My acoustic cohorts The Old Part Of Town and I have three gigs lined up in the next month and a half, and after that we're gonna take a little break from live shows to try and do some proper recording. So now's the time to come see us if you're thinking of it, we don't plan to start up again until Spring. All three of these shows feature sets from some other great area bands, and the first one, on Sept 20th -- A WEEK FROM SATURDAY --will also include our friend, percussionist Steve Raskin, sitting in with us. Hope to see you at one of these! The posters with details are shown below.

Meanwhile, here's a link to a new mix of a living room recording we did back in March, of my song "Mabelline." Came out all right ...

See you soon,

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The "Our Ales Concert Series" gig

The first of three gigs before we take a break over the fall and winter to do some recording.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My 2014 posts have vanished

No idea why, but all my posts from 2014 prior to today and back to Sept 2013 have mysteriously disappeared.  I'll try to update things here eventually, or  not ...