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June 13, 2010 - Greetings, music lovers...

Hey there everyone. Some news for you from the live music department:

For the first time in probably 30 years, I will be playing solo, along with my (and many of your) good friend Matt Douglass.  My old friend Geoffrey Himes, who quite a few of you know, is a nationally published music critic who also locally runs a once-a-month series of singer-songwriter shows called the Roots Cafe, at the Common Ground in Hampden (  He also has been putting on a yearly event at  the Creative Alliance called Night of 1000 Dylans.  I saw him a few weeks ago at this year's show, and he invited me to perform at the Roots Cafe sometime.  Well, that sometime is Friday, July 23rd, and I've asked Matt to join me, since he and I have been getting together lately anyway, playing old folk songs and stuff, and he's got a slew of his own songs as well.

Common Ground is a very small space, holding 30 people or so, and the three acts (the two "headliners" plus Geoffrey, who writes and sings songs as well) take turns playing their songs.  Very intimate and cozy, and a cool format.  It's an early night, from 7 to 9:30, each singer doing about 6-8 songs.  Matt and I will back each other up on a smattering of them.  (And I've got a new song started for the occasion, and have asked Matt to be a co-conspirator on it -- we'll see what shakes out.)

So this is an invitation to you, as well as anyone else you know who may be interested.  I'm really looking forward to this.  Please put the date on your calendar, and I hope to see you there.  I'll probably send another email a week or so in advance as a reminder.  And please forward this to anyone else you know that I know who you don't see in the list of email addresses.

In other news, here's two of my when-I-feel-like-sending-it musical recommendations (haven't sent one of these out for a while):
1- "Young @ Heart", a terrific documentary about a group of elderly singers in a choral group, doing songs by Talking Heads, Sonic Youth, Allen Toussaint and others.  Funny, sad, poignant, entertaining, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
2- Vicki and went to DelFest in Cumberland over Memorial Day weekend, and two acts I had never heard of stood out as probably the most enjoyable.  The first was IIIrd Tyme Out, a bluegrass band who reminded me of Allison Krauss' and Union Station but without a female singer - very tasteful, not flashy, excellent musicianship, new songs which sound like old classics.  The other was Bearfoot, with two female lead singer/fiddle players (guess that balances things out, now that I think of it), whose harmonies and playing were really great.  David Grisman's son plays bass in that band.

OK, I'm done.  Hope to see you on July 23rd.

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