Sunday, May 8, 2011

September 13, 2008 - Reactors Reunion - Take Two

Hello, everyone. Sam here, sending a blast email to everyone I know for whom I've got an email address.

Well, it looks like that band from the 80's just doesn't know when to say "uncle". My friends and bandmates in The Reactors Mid Life Crisis Edition have been invited to play at a festival in Waverly, our old stomping ground. The event, The Taste of Waverly Village, takes place on Saturday October 11, starting around 4PM. Some information on the event can be found here: but right now there's not a lot there. I'll forward other info as it becomes available. There will be several bands, some acoustic, and some electric (it's still being pieced together).

If you couldn't make it last summer to my 50th birthday party, where we performed for the first time in 22 years, now's your chance! This will be our first "public" performance since the old days, just steps away from the old Bread & Roses where we cut our teeth. We've still been getting together periodically over the course of this past year, so for those of you who were at the party who can make it to this event, you'll hear some new material mixed in. If you were at the party and are not interested in hearing us again, stay away from Waverly on Oct 11th.

It'll be great to see you again. And please mention this to anyone you know who you think may be interested.

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