Sunday, May 8, 2011

October 19, 2008 - Reactors in Waverly...

Greetings, all.  We had a great time in Waverly last weekend.  For those who made it, thanks for coming, hope you enjoyed yourselves.  For those who didn't (and for those who did), we've uploaded videos of all the songs to YouTube.  Here's the link to my video page which has them all (among other things).  Not quite like being there, but better than nothing.  I think.

Eli's attempting to upload the higher-quality non-compressed-low-resolution-YouTube-versions of these onto our website ( ) so keep a lookout for an email on that once it's complete.

We had a blast, and the general consensus among the band members was we have to do it more often.  Playing out, that is.  Of course, I'll make sure to notify everyone if and when that happens.

See you whenever,

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