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November 11, 2010 - Another musical interlude

Hello, all.  Time for another of my occasional musical interup---  interludes.  A song, and then an album and a documentary to recommend.

First the song:  My friends Matt Douglass and Diane Wittner and I got together last month at my house to play music, and I recorded the proceedings.  Most of it was rather spotty, but one song came out rather nicely so I thought I'd share it.  Here's the link: Sittin' On Top Of The World  That's Matt singing lead.

OK, latest recommendations --
Ever heard of Louie Bluie?  It's the movie title and the name of an absolutely amazing African-American country-blues mandolin/fiddler/string band leader/painter/cartoonist, born in 1909, died in 2003.  Terrific documentary, about an hour long, made by the same guy who did Crumb (Louie Bluie's artwork looks very similar to R. Crumb's too).  It came out years ago but I just saw it.  I realize now that he was part of a group called Martin, Bogan and Armstrong, who I'm pretty sure I saw opening for Steve Goodman back in the 70's.

And, in a completely different direction -- don't know if you were ever a fan of Prefab Sprout, but even if not, there's a great reissue of their "Steve McQueen" album (which was also called "Two Wheels Good").  It has a second CD of all-new recordings by band-leader/songwriter Paddy McAloon, doing all-acoustic versions most of the songs on that album.  Completely different interpretations -- instead of the Thomas Dolby-produced original with its studio embellishments, instead this time it's generally layers of acoustic guitars, resulting in a quiet, lush and very satisfying CD.  It came out about 3 years ago and I listen to it a lot, and this last time I realized that I should spread the word.  Even if you never were really into Prefab Sprout, it's worth hearing -- it's so different I think it stands on its own.

Allright, proselytizing time's over.  You may now return to your regularly scheduled program...

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